Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caught up in dis-stress.....

3 in the morning
everything has me thinking
'my life's a blessing'
in my head that's ringing
People say this everyday but how many know it's true meaning?
we sleep and wake and sad is how we are feeling
'cause of one thing or the other that's got us worrying
and there we go...always forgetting
that pain's there and there for a reason
we keep huffing and puffing without seizing
barely remembering he's there in and out of season
and he's to 'blame' we add 1 and 1 without thinking
we talk a lot of how we are hustling
and how the world's filled with people that are causing

But we never really sit and wonder how we made it this far
or that it's cause of him we are we
means he's the real star...

in the end we are rich and filled with folly
and we never remember that he so holy.....

La vida Imperfecto!

Laying on my bed
thinking of when we last saw
when we had our hunger fed
it makes me even thirst more
tapes playing in my head
it has me reminiscing
on your gentle touch
and my little screams
and the way that we were kissing
and then i get all wishing
wishing for a miracle
wishing in romantic hymns
wishing we'd watch sunset and we watch flowing streams
wishing i could be right there
or you could be right here
wishing till my mind undergoes a little wear and tear
but even in all this wishing
there's still my greatest fear
that someday i'll be right here
...and you will not be there....